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Curtain rod replacement help needed

11 years ago

I'm finally ready to hang additional curtain panels to increase width from about 90 inches to 132 inches (about 26 inches beyond the window frame on each side), but first comes replacing the curtain rod. I have a rod that can extend to 144 inches. I'll be using clip on rings -- the same set up I currently use. However, the new rod comes with 4 brackets while my current set up uses 3 brackets (1 in middle and 1 at each end). How do you use 4 brackets and get the rings/curtains to slide open and closed? If I space the brackets evenly, I won't be able to open the curtains to clear the window. Will 1 bracket in middle and 1 about 12 inches in from each end be enough support? These are lined lightweight silk curtains w/o interlining so each panel is not terribly heavy but there will be six 53 inch wide x 104 inch long panels... This project has been derailed while I'm trying to figure it out without putting holes in the walls unnecessarily. TIA for help getting this train back on track!


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