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You convinced me! New plan - removing dining room wall

12 years ago

I posted last week with an expanded U-shape that I put stools at for 'eat-in' seating. Most agreed I was squishing seating in a space that couldn't really fit it. A few people suggested I take down the wall between kitchen and dining and I was hesitant b/c I was worried about not having a 'formal' DR - even though we treat it very informally by eating ever meal in it. So I gave it a shot and - surprise, surprise - it was just what I needed to fit everything in. Here's the new plan:

I can't push it anymore into the dining b/c I will push the table off center and there is a 9.5' picture window I don't want to shorten. But I realized that because of that 2.5 foot wall where the LR opens to DR, it will still look like a formal dining room from the home's entrance and even from most of the LR. You won't see the bar until you come into the DR - and then people will be too stunned by my functional/beautiful kitchen to worry about a wall! :)

The trash pullout may 'worry' some, but I didn't have real space for it in the prep area without moving my pot drawer; and with 2 kids, I wanted the trash where I wouldn't have to move while prepping so it could be used. Also, it's actually very close to the sink - I stood in the proposed sink space today and I can turn and place stuff in the proposed trash space without even leaning. And I generally use a 'garbage bowl' anyway.

I'm still not sure about the pantry - I would love a 'reach-in' instead of cabinets, but I don't know if it will work...thoughts? Any other ideas, please feel free to toss them out there! Thanks!

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