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Clueless about HVAC quotes

10 years ago

Background info:

First time is 10 years old. Warm summers reach mid 100s and winter drops to 30 in this part of CA.

Recently our AC made crazy loud sounds when we turned it on. I switched it off ASAP and tried again 20 min later and all was well.

Recent annual checkup for AC found dead run cap and it was replaced (2nd dead cap since we moved in 2 years ago). Tech warned me compressor might be nearing its end and to start considering replacement.

Called someone out (diamond certified...A listing angie's list etc) just to get an idea what to expect...and I have no idea if the proposal is fair or marked up.

He asked sq. ft of home (2400 tw stories) noticed the old unit is 5 tons. Said replacement should be 5 too (researching after the fact he did not perform manual J load calc.)

AC is primary concern we like to keep it around 72-74

Heat around 74-76 in the Winter

Debating whether we wait for it to die or replace early (1yd old in house as well as pets that cant handle heat)

Actual proposal:

-14 SEER AC and matching 14 SEER coil

-95% 2 speed 90k BTU furnace with variable speed blower

-Upgrade filters to electrostatic washable

-Replace thermostats with new touchscreen models

-Labor/parts warranty 5yrs

-UV germicide light

-Turn key installation and haul away etc

-1 day installation

-Amana brands but no specific models given

$11.5K (special pricing if accepted within 3 days...$13.5k normal)

I also got a stand alone quote for youngest child has health problems and was told it is used in hospitals etc. for air quality.

$700 for UV installation only

Unable to secure financing terms we are willing to take on so passing on full HVAC offer but wanted to know if it was fair...ripoff etc. to determine if I should follow up with them when we are ready

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