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In a no-heat situation -- could use some advice (repair/replace)

8 years ago

12 year old, 3300sqft above grade, house with original Trane XV90 100kBTU furnace (RXC054S3HPC0), and XL13i furnace (4TTX3042A1000A).

I had to replace the evaporator coil on the A/C 3 years ago.

Heating went out last night with the blower not able to come on. I was able to check the control module and did not see any blown thermistor, so called in our HVAC service company.

He recommended a replacement motor and motor control board for $1500. Not ideal, but ok, I need heat, so let's do it.

Gets the parts, hooks up the motor outside to test, and we both see it works. He then installs it, AND NOTHING WORKS. Ugh. Long story short, he thinks the motherboard is frying the motor.

Now, he wants to replace the motherboard, motor and motor control board for $2500 (thankfully, I am only out $60 for the work he did today).

At that point, I am thinking time to get a new furnace.

So my questions:

1) Am I wrong for saying time to get a new furnace? 12 years seems short, but seems like it might be best

2) Smart to replace Trane for Trance and get the XV95?

3) Do I absolutely have to replace the A/C as well, especially if the evap coil is only 3 years old?

4) Given I am going from a high efficient furnace with a variable motor already, is there anything I need to look at for install wise? Seems like this should be just a simple replacement of the furnace unit.

5) In Ohio, what would be a reasonable price for install (paying cash)?

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