Opinions pls! Caramel sofa or dark whisky sofa

7 years ago

Hi all! I would so appreciate any help you could give me, given that I don't really have a good artistic eye. I have already purchased a deep brown chaise lounge, and am so in love with this golden yellow side chairs (and will most likely purchase it). The question is, which color sofa will go better with the combination of the chaise lounge + side chairs? A lighter caramel sofa, or a darker sofa in an antique whisky color?

I am so afraid of making the wrong choice and everything falling flat, so nwould appreciate any opinion you could give me!

P.S: Does this look work at all, or am I force fitting the look together? I've selected the coffee table and end table in white to avoid having so much brown tones altogether and to keep things light.

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