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Color scheme for bedroom

14 years ago

Greetings, I need some color ideas for my bedroom.

My bedroom was previously completely white with medium brown wood floors. I've painted the entire room mint green (think mint chocolate chip ice cream green). I left the floor molding and crown molding white as well as the door and window trim.

I used Valspar paint (from Lowes) in this color which may vary depending on your monitor.


My bed is birch and I have a beech desk. Specifically I have this bed from Ikea:


What are some color ideas for my bedding textiles? I was thinking white, ivory, or perhaps blue, for a bolder look, for my duvet cover (or whatever that big pillow case thing for comforter is called). I thought brown might go well too but it seems like it would be a bit much since the floor, bed, and table are already natural wood colors.

What about sheets?

There are currently real wood white color horizontal blinds. I was thinking of adding a curtain perhaps blue to match the sheets if I get that color.

Room has a south-east facing window so I get lots of sunlight in the mornings and most of the day.

No pictures at the moment. I've only painted the room and I haven't finished unpacking yet so there's nothing to photograph.

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