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Radiant Heat - Hydronic

10 years ago

I recently had my kitchen remodeled and replaced the two cast iron radiators with hydronic radiant heat under porcelain tile. Is it normal for the hoses and heat source to only be on one side of the floor? The predominant coverage is between the sink/range and Island and I have another 8 feet on the other side of the island that does not have radiant heat coverage. My contractor says that is because they only installed it on the floor section that had the garage below it in the ceiling beams. There is access under the rest of the floor, would have had to take down some sheet rock. He says this is normal installation when installing it for heat only. I would have expected both sides of the kitchen floor to be heated, because their is an obvious difference when walking across the kitchen. Also, the half of the floor where there is heat is on the same side as the thermostat. What is the normal installation process for this. And wouldn't it be efficient to heat the entire floor.

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