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Need advice on Cottage / Shabby Chic Girl's Room

16 years ago

I'm reached a decorating block on my daughter's room. We've painted the walls - BM Ballerina Pink (2082-70) - and picked out a duvet from the Target Simply Shabby line. We have some antique furniture that has been stripped and we're painting BM Simply White.

Here's some pics of the bedding and windows in the room - excuse the mess and the yellowed trim (we're in the process of still painting it out white):

(Ignore the accessories like the lamp in the pic - most items are just in the room temporarilly.)

Here's where I need help -

1. I've selected white sheets but want to buy a few additional items to "complete" the cottage look on the bed. There is a footboard on the bed, but it is doesn't extend past the top of the mattress. The blue bedding is a duvet. My ideal is a vintage looking chenille quilt. I've toyed with introducing some unexpected colors like hot pink or a sage green for a pop or going in the other direction and staying very neutral with a soft pink or white. Also undecided on a bedskirt color.

2. Not sure what to do with curtains or window treatments. Would like to keep the blinds as they match the rest of the house. Was thinking either a pink or white fabric. My plan is to do some sort of fabric treatment over the bed to give some more "meat" to the headboards too - so it would be great to carry over the drapery fabric treatment to the bed wall too. Any thoughts or photoshop wizards?

Oh - and I'm on a modest budget but can sew.

Thanks so much for reading this far! I really appreciate the help!


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