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LG Top Load HE/ considering Speed Queen...

8 years ago

Here is my long story:

After a few years of using a Bosch front loader HE, which I hated, 3 years ago, we ended up buying a LG Top loading HE washer, the WT5101H.

I love the capacity of the machine, however, most of our loads are small to medium sized (only two adult household), and because there is no spindle in the middle like old fashioned top loading washers, the washer often has to rebalance smaller loads (basically, anything other than bedding). The way it does this is it adds more water, redistributes the clothing, and spins. So in effect, I actually think the HE machine is using more water than an older top loader with a spindle!

This machine is awesome for bedding and large loads, but not so great for my smaller loads, in my opinion.

However, a year after we got the machine, it stopped spinning all together. It was still under warranty, and LG was great with customer service, there was a recall on some of the parts- so they came out and fixed the electronics that were on recall, and the tech found out that the rotor was damaged, so that was replaced for free.

Now, here we are two years later, and the machine has stopped spinning again (won't even complete a spin cycle when nothing is in the drum). I suspect it is a rotor issue again, it is acting just like it did last time it broke.

3 years in, this washer has broken twice. And although I am in love with the washer when doing a load of bedding, I'm not impressed with the weekly clothing loads cycles, I do think more water is wasted trying to rebalance a load than if I were using a traditional top loader! And yes, I've read the manual on how to load clothing, and I've even tried other tricks found here on Garden web.

After reading about Speed Queen, I'm thinking this might be the perfect machine for me. I still need a top loader because I work with fiber (handmade wool yarn and sweaters, etc), and I have to spin it out in a top loader, a front loader doesn't work well for the type of wool stuff I do.

My question: Am I going in the right direction? Do people think for a 2 person adult household with moderate amount of clothing loads, and queen bedding, that a Speed Queen is a good choice?

And, what to do with the broken LG? Does anyone know if there is anyone out there that would buy a broken washer, knowing it could be fixed? I don't know how much a rotor replacement would be, as it wasn't listed on our last repair since it was under warranty... Would it be better to put the money into the washer to get it fixed and then try to sell it? I am so conflicted here what to do...

Thanks for letting me vent here! I miss my old Kenmore and before that Amana top loaders- they took lots of abuse and never broke- we have moved cross country a couple of times and left them behind in the houses...

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