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New Trane air handler -- terrible whistling noise in return

10 years ago

Our Trane AC installation was finally completed - about 5 months after promised time frame. Started in July, ended in November. There is a terrible high pitched whistling/whining noise coming from the return which is located right in the main living area of the house - a 2-story living/dining room that extends up to the second floor. The noise is unbearable. Imagine a train going around a bend in the tracks. The installer left without giving us a complete demonstration of the system. He said everything was working - based on his operating of things from the attic and "jumping out" whatever needed to be forced to work since it's not AC season. We need to use the air handler for hydro-air and general air filtration so it's not something we will just suffer in the summer. When I go into the attic, I don't hear the high pitched noise - just a tolerable rumble of machinery. The whistling is coming from the return and reverberates in those areas that are open to it (livingroom, dining room, kitchen and second floor hallway). Any thoughts on what's causing this? Can the speed of the fan on this unit be slowed down and would this quiet it? Could the return be undersized and if so is there a retro-fit for this? Is the AH possibly oversized? (We have 2 separate systems - this 4-ton TAM7A0C48H41SCA and also a 2-ton for the other end of the house. The 2-ton has 2 returns and is much quieter. The 4-ton covers a larger area with southern exposure and lots of windows.) It has only one return. This is noise is driving us crazy! All suggestions welcome. Thanks

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