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what color cabinets would you choose with black appliances?

14 years ago

We are in the planning stages of redoing our kitchen and we have black appliances. My husband is custome building our cabinets, whoo hooo this ought to be fun.I love all the kitchen photos I see here and wish I was so inclined to be that color coordinated. We have an open floor plan (on the small side)so I need to wrap this whole area together in a beautiful inviting way with the existing furnishings in mostly browns with a hint of dark green.Here's where I need your advice what color would you paint your cabinets? Cream glazed, butterscotch glaze or white?( I hope I can find these glazes) Hubby is in favor of white, I feel it is to much contrast, remember those black and white checkerboard tiles at grandmas house, thats what I invision, yucko ( sorry if any of you out there have that)anyhow hubby really doesn't care which way we go right now. I just have to coordinate cabinets, counters, tile backsplash, floors , walls, and ceilings.At any rate our kitchen is small so we want to lighten it up and have a knock your socks off open living area with everything seamlessly matched. Our theme at this point is a bit tropical, I have seashells and beachy prints throughout our home.Our inspiration for our do over is our love for the ocean and the beachy colors there.Anyone have a color coordinated plan to pull this all together or just to help get me started? My head is spinning already, Pelezzzzzzzzze help me......someone. :) :)


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