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Undoing the Damage-Where Do I Start?

12 years ago

I stumbled across this forum looking for advice about washers and dryers, but OMG, I had no idea how much we were doing wrong in washing our clothes. (DH loves to do the laundry but he just stuffs it in there and adds soap.)

I'm starting to understand the error of my ways and want to undo as much damage to my sheets, towels and clothes as possible.

QUESTION 1: Can anyone advise me what I should use to undo the build-up of the products I've been using?

Currently, we wash our clothes in warm water with a small amount of Planet liquid soap-just enough to make a few suds in our 12-year old Sears FL. We put Oxiclean in the white loads. I've tried bleach on the whites too, without success. Stains are pre-treated w/ Spray and Wash. We use unscented Bounce fabric softener sheets.

My 2 year old white Restoration Hardware towels and Coyuchi sheets are dingy and stained. We are both recently retired so mostly we wear casual clothes-T-shirts and such. From the number of stains on our T-shirts, it appears we are messy eaters, LOL.

QUESTION 2: Our 12 year old front-loading Sears is gasping its last.Things are coming out of the washer pretty wet. It has been repaired a few times and it is time to replace it. (At the moment I am leaning towards a Bosch Vision, but that's not my question.) Should I try and clean things now, so that all the soap build-up and such on my clothes doesn't get on the SS drum my pristine new W & D, or wait until we buy the new set to try and revive our sheets and towels.

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