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Fisher & Paykel GWL10 error code 50

15 years ago

Hi. I'm having an issue with my Fisher & Paykel GWL10. I'm getting an error code of 50 for the water valves. I tried the diagnostic procedure listed in the post entitled "Questions about Fisher & Paykel washers"( ), specifically the post by dadoes on Fri, Jun 20, 08 at 1:31.

When I go into diagnostic mode and push the Wash Temp Up or Wash Temp Down it beeps at me but nothing happens. No water flow at all. The diverter valve test worked and the pump test seemed to work. I've inspected the wiring around the valves and everything seems ok. Could someone please provide any suggestions as to what I can do to fix this? It seems odd that neither the hot nor the cold water is coming through the valves which leads me to believe that the computer is for some reason telling them not to open. Could there be something I need to reset?

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