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Installing electric floor heat in basement bath

I am renovating an 8x6 foot basement bathroom, and as part of the renovation I found that the entire basement floor had a final skim/leveling coat of cement that was about 3/4" thick. I have chiseled/popped that coat off in the bathroom area as part of leveling the floor and would like to use the space to install in-floor electric supplemental heat under the tile. The primary heat source is radiators and a gas boiler.

The heating grid product I am looking at is made by Warmly Yours, and they are preparing a layout for what grid I need to buy to cover the floor area (minus the shower area). I've also asked about a cork insulation product they sell to go under the grid, since my 1940 slab is uninsulated.

Is anyone aware of any issues/suggestions for putting down insulation, heat grid and self-leveling cement before I install my tile? Its seems relatively straightforward to install the grid and temp sensor, and run the lines to a wall-mounted thermostat. Its only supplemental heat, so just keeping the floor warm to the touch during use will be sufficient.



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