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What would you change about this layout?

10 years ago

Our 20 year old kitchen is falling apart, and after living here for 2 1/2 years, we are ready to remodel! I've been reading this board quite a bit over the last few years, and I would love some opinions on what we should change to improve this layout. Honestly, I find the kitchen fairly efficient to cook in, but since we've decided to redo everything, we'd like to get it right!

This is (probably) not our forever house and a high end kitchen would be way out of place in our neighborhood. We've got 2 kids (7 & 11) and I cook most meals at home. I've attached my best attempt at sketching our current layout. The cabinets at the ends of most runs are angled (tricky to draw accurately!).

For sure, we want to switch out the trash compactor for a pull-out trash/recycling cabinet and move to a smaller sink (33-36" cabinet). We are pretty sure we'd like to not keep the angled cabinets on the ends. We want to do this remodel within the footprint of the current kitchen. The appliances (except the fridge) are fairly new and we'd like to keep them.

Here's what we'd like to add: island seating for 2 (though we're not sure how!) and a deeper opening for the fridge so a standard size French door one will fit. (The current fridge opening is odd (it's 42" wide but only 70" tall, no idea what was there originally.) We might be able to recess the fridge a bit into the wall where it currently is (waiting on contractors' opinions on that) OR we've thought about switching the fridge and pantry AND moving the arch opening 6" to the right. I have no idea how involved a job it is to move the archway.

I know the island downdraft isn't popular on here, but this one seems to work well for us. The space above the kitchen is a finished 2nd story, so adding an island vent would be tricky and I don't see how the cooktop could fit on an exterior wall for easy venting.


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