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Relocating the Thermostat: pros and cons?

11 years ago

We live in a split foyer home, built in 1969. The thermostat is located right at the top of the stairs to the main living area. The furnace is in the downstairs.

I have two reasons for wanting to move the thermostat, but before I call someone to do it, I'd like to know if there are any reasons not to.

Reason 1) there is a huge temp difference between the upstairs and downstairs, so the heat turns off when the upstairs is warm but the downstairs is still darn chilly.The reverse is true in summer--the AC is blasting because it's still hot up by the thermostat, but downstairs, we are watching TV under down comforters.

I know moving the thermostat downstairs won't make the house heat/cool any more uniformly, but at least it wouldn't turn off the heat while the bedrooms downstairs grow frost...

Reason 2) looks. The location of the thermostat is in a very noticeable location, at eye level dead center on a "focal" wall. It's like saying "Welcome to my home. Here is my thermostat!"

Are there any reasons not to move the thermostat to the downstairs?

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