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bathroom colors - for funcolors, or anyone else who has input!

17 years ago

Crappy camera but, the colors seem pretty true in this shot. Bathroom: Turquoise on wall, baby blue on part of the trim, the facing trim a very pale blue. (Ceiling, fixtures, and floor are white.) The brown swatch I stuck in between the trim and window is representing the brown I am planning to paint there. It looks like melted 85% cacao chocolate and was made to match the furniture spray paint. I would do the brown trim around the door too, and the edges of the cabinet.

The green swatch is Laura Ashley 'Apple,' just for reference (not that I am thinking of using the LA paint.) The green is being considered for the cabinet doors, panel door, maybe even a horizontal stripe around the room? Because right now, the room almost glows blue! I wanted to warm it slightly.

I also have some Devine 'Muslin' on hand. I like a tan or beige with the scheme, but not so much in the paint. Maybe in the towels.

Also, I'm going to restore the original 5-panel door (just this one door in the house had been replaced with an ugly modern one). I think I may paint that tri-color - maybe green and the medium blue, with the bevels being brown?

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