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A/c Compressor running cold and has condensation

8 years ago

My air conditioner began not properly cooling the house yesterday. The air coming out was cool, but not cold. I checked the unit outside and verified I could hear the compressor running, as well as seeing the fan run. I checked both the lines coming in and out of the unit and both felt cold. I turned off the unit and visually checked the capacitor and it wasn't swollen or damaged. I touched the compressor unit and noticed it was cold and had condensation all over it. The very top was slightly warm, but the main body of the unit is was cold. I have a 2nd unit for my downstairs which was operating normally and it felt warm and dry all over. I left my main unit off all night and started it up again today, but it acts the same way. I have changed by air filter and ensured all the vents are open and blowing. I found a youtube video where a similar issue was mentioned on a compressor at a commercial building setup, but couldn't really understand what he said the problem was other than a loose connection somewhere. What could be going on with my 1st unit to make it run cold?

Btw, I had an A/C tech come out, but it was raining when he arrived so he said he couldn't check the outside unit, so he would have to come back later. All he did was open up the inside unit and stuck a meter around a few places and told me that the coils normally start leaking in systems my age (10 years). He said 3 out of 7 readings in the very back detected something, so there was a small leak and the only way to fix it would be to replace the whole coil or preferably the coil and condenser unit. While there may be a small leak, I am not sold on the fact that it is the source of my problem. I could have had that for years for all I know... Seems like he should be checking more before promoting a $2,000 fix.

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