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new home hvac system in southwest,pa

8 years ago


As the title states, I am building a new home on a family farm in Washington, PA. I am the owner/builder/designer. I have received four comparable quotes for my house and would just like a better understanding of what I should be looking for. I will start with the specs of my house.

Size = 2500 SF (1400 first floor, 1100 second floor)
Basement = 1400 SF (matches first floor with it being a partial walkout)
Floor Heights = B @ 10', 1st @ 9', 2nd @ 8'
Exterior walls = 2x6 w/R-21 batts and R-10 rigid exterior
Attic Insulation = blown-in cellulose to an R-40

Intent is to have a well insulated house but I understand with that comes risk and a proper system is required to keep fresh air circulating through the house. Here are the system designs I received back from suppliers. Both the listed setups prices are right on top of each other.

Trane Supplier
- XV95 furnace (options to go to XL95 and XR95)
- XR16 2.5 ton A/C (options to go to XR13)
- 11 supplies, 4 returns on first floor
- 5 supplies, 4 returns on second floor
- 4 supplies, 2 returns in basement
- EWC Controls 2-zone temperature control system (first and second floor controls)
- Trane ERV (model unknown)
- Trane digital thermostat (assuming an XL model)
- Option to add a media filter and whole house humidifier

Amana Supplier
- AMVC950905DX (options to go to AMH950904CX)
- ASX16 4 ton A/C unit (options to go to ASX13048)
- Honeywell TH8700 thermostat
- Honeywell VNT5150H HRV
- Honeywell Media filtration system
- Whole House Humidifier (brand not listed)
- supply and returns not listed on quote but I did sit down and reviewed his take-off and he seemed to have more supplys and returns at the second floor than the Trane quote.

Still waiting on the re-quote by the Carrier dealer as well as York.

As mentioned, once I get the load calculations for the dealers, I will post them. Until then, please let me know your thoughts.

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