Help- Upstairs Too Hot and Downstairs Cold, What do I do?

13 years ago


I just moved into a house that has two levels (with a crawl space below them). When I have the heater "on" (thermostat says 69), my upstairs where my bedrooms are is too warm (74F), while my downstairs (living room,kitchen, garage) are colder at 69F. I discovered there is blown insulation on the walls of the entire house, and some in the attic. There is no insulation between floors and some bat insulation on the crawl space below. I just bought this place. I am not sure what could be the problem. If you were me, would you insulate the floor gap or buy a new furnace first? I had a HVAC person checkout my furnace and he says my current one may not last more than a year. Then I hear stories between buying one furnace and zoning the heat correctly between floors, versus buying two separate for each floor for efficiency because a single furnace cannot do the job (that is what he says). Have any ideas what could be my problem, and what you would do if you were me?

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