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HVAC opinion needed

13 years ago

Looking to replace my current all electic York 3.5 ton a/c and heating unit. Live in Houston in a 2 story 1900 sq ft townhouse with east and west wall exposure. York has performed well over the last 12 years, but had to add freon this spring to maintain cooling capacity. Wanted to take advantage of the current tax credits as well as the HVAC "off season" to replace the a/c unit.

Recieved 2 different quotes from 2 different contractors.

Contractor 1 quoted AHRI 3472192 Bryant Legacy 16 126ANA048-A FV4CN(B,F)005 48500 13.10 16.50 with HW Visionpro 8000.

Contractor 2 quoted AHRI 3471424 Carrier Comfort 16 24ACB648A30 FV4CN005 48500 13.10 16.50 with HW Prestige.

Contractor 2 is $600.00 higher than contractor 1 ($7900 vs. $8500). All other aspects of the quotes were very similar (no duct work or new line set needed or included). Both contractors are reputable and had good feedback on BBB.

Looking for opinions on these new 2 stage units and whether this is a reasonable price for the Bryant and Carrier (I know Carrier and Bryant are one in the same).

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