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Post LG 2.3 CF WM3455HW 24" washer/dryer combo problems here:

11 years ago

This thread is regarding issues related specifically to the LG 2.3 CF WM3455HW 24" combination washer/dryer:

There are currently 106 reviews (as of 02 June 2013), on A.J.Madison's site for this unit; however, the reviews under the 2.3 CF washer/dryer combo model appear to also include some customer reviews of the larger 3.6 CF model as well. Also, a significant portion of the reviews have been aggregated from reviews originally posted on LG's site (apparently a common practice among online retailing sites).

The primary maintenance issue appears to be build-up of lint within the internal ducting. This can only be cleaned by removing the machine's top cover, and detaching the internal fan assembly (which reveals the top opening of the internal ductwork). This ductwork gets clogged with lint over time, reducing, or entirely compromising the machine's ability ot dry clothes effectively. I found a couple of notable details from reading various customer comments:

1. The larger, 3.6 CF-capacity LG combo washer/dryer is less prone to the internal lint duct problem. This was somewhat difficult to deduce, since, apparently, the reviews for both sized machines appear to be mixed together. However, one customer states clearly, that a repair technician indicated that he only sees this problem with the smaller, 2.3-CF LG combo machines, and not with the larger 3.6 CF LG combo machines (which seems to make sense, assuming more constrained ductwork on the smaller machines).

2. This partial site (some pages are missing, resulting in dead URLs) illustrates the location of the internal vent:

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