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Electrolux snagging clothing?

13 years ago

After all of my raving over our new Electrolux machines, I think they may not be perfect after all! :) I have noticed that all of my workout clothing has gotten snags in it, which definitely weren't there before when we had the Neptunes. They are the items I wash most often. It is the polyester knit type fabric, but I haven't noticed it on any cotton knits or other fabrics. Maybe I haven't checked thoroughly enough? I've checked the drums of both the washer and dryer, and there is nothing to get snagged on (very smooth!) so my only guess is that on the washer's spin cycle, the fabric is getting pulled through the holes and on the other side of the drum, the holes aren't smooth and they snag on the metal. I'd hate to go through getting a repair guy here only to tell me there is nothing wrong with the machine, but getting snags on clothes is unacceptable. I am still in my 30 day return window, however. Maybe there is something to that Miele honeycomb wash drum!

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