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Help me with granite choice (black matte)!

16 years ago

This is making us nuts. We are back into our house with a newly renovated kitchen and a plywood countertop and old ratty sink because we've hemmed and hawed on this so long.

Our cabs are a creamy white. 1920s house. Going for a vintage-y look. Stainless appliances. No backsplash yet (that's another painful decision...white subway tile or some funkier color or glass subway tile).

We're down to two choices - Antique Cambrian Black and Honed Virginia Mist. I'm leaning toward VA Mist but that's based on photos from this site and a photo of the slab we're looking at at an out-of-state supplier. The tiny sample they sent me doesn't wow me...but that's probably because it's so small that you don't see any of the movement or get a good big picture. That said, I'm hoping the risk isn't too great without being able to touch and see the whole slab in person before ordering. Should I be in love with this small chunk if I'm ordering it?

Any insight on either of these that hasn't already been offered up before?

Anyone with VA Mist that can attest to how wonderful it is and/or post more pics of it installed?

Thanks a bunch. I'm sick of painted plywood countertops!

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