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washer stacked with condenser dryer vs combo unit

15 years ago

I'm tucking a laundry into a walkin closet. this is a 1 person apartment, running small loads once or twice a week, sheets underwear and jeans. there is no possibility of venting the dryer outside. i am trying to decide between a single ventless combo unit or a stacked washer and ventless dryer.

i've used an equator ventless combo in the past, so i've got my expectations properly lowered regarding the cycle-time and dryer performance of a ventless combo. if i were getting one, likely the ariston unit.

i'd be all done with that decision except i've just now learned about the condenser dryers from miele and bosch. would i get such better performance (faster dry, fewer wrinkles) in one of these units that it could make up for the extra expense and extra space required over a single combo unit? or would the benefit be more in being able to get a better washer, and i'd see less difference between the dryer performance?

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