I don't think I have room for a prep sink... but do I Need one?

12 years ago

This picture is a a little small, but you can basically see what is there in my kitchen plan. Each run of cabinets is about 9 feet and the island is 9 feet. There is also a run of cabinets that will be like a buffet in the bkfast area for extra dishes and things. You can basically see where sink, dishwasher and appliances are.

Originally planned for a 36 inch cooktop so that basically leaves 3 feet on each side. And on the other wall, there is 4 feet of counter space once the 36 in frig and ovens go in.

I've always had a 2 bowl sink and that works well for me. One side can be used for soaking dishes, and I can use the other side with the disposal for when I'm peeling veggies, draining pasta, etc...


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  • november
    12 years ago

    I don't think you need one, with your main sink located so centrally. But I'm speaking as someone who doesn't use her new prep sink very much! I cook all the time, but I use my main sink for everything.

  • ccoombs1
    12 years ago

    I'd say you don't need one. Your sink is very centrally located and only a little over 4' from your range. I do use mine all the time, but my cook-top is over 7' from my main sink so it is very handy for me.

  • morton5
    12 years ago

    I don't think you need one, either. I might move my sink down the island a bit, though, away from the refrigerator, to give myself a larger uninterrupted prep space.

  • kimkitchy
    12 years ago

    No, I don't think you need a prep sink either. You don't have room for one and I just can't see the need for it in your kitchen. Many households don't really need them. Good luck with your house! :)

  • gizmonike
    12 years ago

    No, I don't think you need a prep sink with the present position of your island sink.

    You might consider moving your refrigerator closer to your pantry so you will have landing space for your oven as well as your R/F.

  • rhome410
    12 years ago

    I love our prep sink and use it a lot...but never felt your plan needed one, since different workers can access it from either side.

  • shelly_k
    Original Author
    12 years ago

    Good, I'm glad you all seem to concur with my conclusion. I'd hate to give up precious counter space for another smaller sink. Seems like it wouldn't work in my kitchen.

    I do not like the setup of my frig/oven wall. I will have to work on that when we get to that point!