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Need advice on things happy and sad

12 years ago

Okay, here's the happy one.

I love both these paint colors and am having a hard time deciding. The backsplash is going to be white subway tiles (which I'd be a lot farther on if not for all the snow days here!). The colors are sw seasalt or sw rainwashed. The sea salt is a little lighter, and a bit more gray blue (the top color in the 1st two pics, left in the 3rd), while the rainwashed is greener and a hint darker (bottom in 1st 2, right in the next). Dh is leaning toward rainwashed, primarily b/c it's darker and so many other elements of our kitchen are light. I'm tending toward the sea salt, but I love them both.

Now here's the sad one:

I don't know where these spots in our granite came from. They're a light orange/rust color, and they really stick out to me since they're so different from the cool granite colors. My dh hasn't mentioned them, so I don't know if he's noticed or is trying not to upset me. I plan on contacting our fabricator about it, but I wanted to check with you experts first.

The first one I noticed was behind the faucet. The only thing I think I could have spilled back there is possibly a speck of joint compound while filling in the old laminate backsplash area. I can't see how that would have done that. The 2nd one is on an edge, and I can feel a small hairline crack/fissure/whatever it is in the same spot where the discoloration is. I tried to google these, and the only possibility I could find is rust spots, and that it wasn't a stain I could try to remove myself.

I know my kitchen isn't going to remain perfect forever, but I didn't think I'd get 2 stains in less than a week, esp in places where food prep isn't even happening! I didn't think I would have to baby granite, and now I'm pretty freaked out about what it's going to look like when my family really starts breaking it in!

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