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better efficiency: attic insulation v. new windows

14 years ago

Hi. I'm a newbie to this forum, so please forgive me if this is a topic that has been hashed to death. I've done some searching on previous threads and haven't found exactly the right answers for my here goes.

I'm a first time homeowner, we have a 1964 multi-split-level, about 28000sq' with the original wood, single-pane windows and some old storm windows outside. The attic is insulated, but it looks like it's still the original insulation (with no additional or replacements).

We live in Delaware, so it gets decently cold in the winter, even if there's not much snow. We have a forced air natural gas heater that was replaced before we bought the house, so it must be about 6 or so years old. In the winter our gas bills get to be easily $400/mo and sometimes more than $500. And I'm still only keeping the heat at 64 degrees!

Window companies keep knocking on the door to give us estimates for replacement windows. But at 23 windows in the house, it's not a cheap job. And my research is mixed on if windows really make that much of a difference, especially if the windows are cheap or if I'm just replacing the double-hung inserts replacing the entire window box. And considering the cost of complete replacement if I'm not sure how many more years we'd be here to actually make up the investment? I'm tempted to just start with the attic insulation.

Any suggestions? I guess, since I can't afford everything, what's the most bang for my buck?

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