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A/C pipes keep freezing

15 years ago

Here's my story:

Moved into a duplex about 2 months ago. When we first moved in the A/C didn't work at all, the unit wouldn't even come on. My landlords "A/C guy" is just someone who lives in the neighborhood. He came by and said the entire unit was blown. Fan motor, capacitor, everything. Took a few days but the landlord bought a brand new unit and got the guy to put it in (not replacing anything in the ceiling, just the unit outside). It worked well for 2 days, then just started blowing hot air. Checked the pipes outside and they were hot. A/C guy came back out and found that the people who had lived there before me installed their own thermostat and wired it wrong, so it was telling the unit to blow hot instead of cold. He rewired it and things were good for about a week. Came home one day and its 90 degrees in the house. Go outside to look at the unit and the bigger of the two pipes was covered in at least an inch of ice. While it's fozen, no air comes out of the vents inside the house, but I can still hear the ceiling fan running. Guy came back out and checked the coolant levels and checked for leaks, level was good and no leaks. I checked the filter inside the house and it was a little dirty so we blamed it on that and I bought a replacement. Turned the unit on heat to melt the ice and let it sit off for a while. After that it worked fine....for 3 days. Came home, same thing. House it hot, big pipe is frozen, no air coming through the vents. Called A/C guy back out, he "went into the attic and checked the coil" and said it was ok. Turned heat on, unfroze pipes, all was well for 3 more days. This is where I am now.


Big pipe freezes

No air from vents

Fan in ceiling still runs

Filter is clean

Coolant levels are good and no leaks

This leads me to 1 conclusion. It's gotta be something in the attic. I've never been up there and honestly wouldn't know what i'm looking for. I've been in attics before (wired and entire house) but have no experience with central AC.

Any suggestions?

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