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Ticor s508 vs. Kraus KHU100-30 question...

13 years ago

Does anyone have either of these sinks? I'm drawn to both of them for different reasons.

The Ticor (window pops) has a central drain and looks to be Zero Radius. I'm loving the outer lip that holds the accessories (reminiscent of the Kohler 8 degree and Poise).

The Kraus (window pops) has the drain in the rear and has the more eased corners. It doesn't have a lip for accessories.

Both come with grids and strainers. The Ticor has a cutting board and a hanging basket drainer, the Kraus has neither but can accomodate a colander or hanging dish drainer for my wine glasses (just about the only things I leave in my sink to dry).

So, if you have either of these do you like the drain in the rear or in the center better? Is the zero radius harder to keep clean (I know, I know, been asked a million times ;) ). Are the included accessories built to last?

Tell me what you think, people of GW!

And thank you in advance!

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