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Safe use of FoodSaver - help please

9 years ago

I purchased a FoodSaver a couple of months ago. One of the things I looked forward to doing was buying expensive chunks of cheese and repackaging them into smaller serving sizes. Then I started reading the instructions that came with the FS. First, no vacuum packaging of soft cheeses. Well, there goes my main reason for buying the stinking thing. Second, no onions or garlic. Then no this, no that, and now I'm nearly afraid to use it.

I've gone back and read some old threads about FS and food safety. I'm getting a better feel for it, but I'm still not totally comfortable.

Can I vacuum seal then freeze anything that is cooked without having to worry about it?

Can I vacuum seal then freeze commercially cured meats, such as kielbasa, salami, hot dogs?

How soft can I go on cheese? The instruction book gives cheddar and Parm as examples. Is Havarti too soft? What is the threshold for soft vs. hard cheese?

Is there anything else I need to know to keep from killing my family? I've gotten so skittish about using the FS, that it has languished in my pantry.

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