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Miele 4840 'Comforters' cycle and 'venting' status?

15 years ago

Here's just another example as to why I continue to be frustrated I cannot find more information on the various cycles on my new Miele 4840 washer.

I wanted to try out my new Miele Down detergent and am washing a down comforter. I selected heavy soil (pre-wash), extended and sensitive as I have never washed the comforter before. For the first ten minutes of the cycle, the status line displays "venting", and it appears to be doing a pre, pre-wash using the detergent added for the pre-wash. At the end of that phase, it spun out pretty well before starting the actual pre-wash phase (the status line now displaying "pre-wash"). Does anyone know what "venting" is? Of course there's no mention of "venting" in the owner's manual. Thanks!

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