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Need help choosing FL Washer/Dryer, Bosch 800, Samsung, LG ?

14 years ago

We're moving in to a new home and will have to purchase a washer/dryer set.

In the old house our 15 year old top loading set was in the basement.

In the new house the Laundy room is in the back of a powder room on the main floor of the house where the kitchen/living/dining room is.

All I know is what salesmen have told me, so I know most of that is BS.

One salesman told us that the Bosch 800 was the best one to buy, and that it would run very quiet. He said his store didn't sell them Samsung or LGs due to poor service, but he's biased since his store doesnt offer them.

Another store told me the Samsung or the LG was the best to buy and that they would run the quitest.

We're expecting twins and we will be a family of 6, we will be doing tons of laundry and want it to run quiet and have the best washer/dryer in terms of cleaning performance.

1. I would really appreciate if you can tell me what is the best one to buy, even if it is a brand I haven't mentioned, I just want the best one.

2. I also read in another thread that people specifcally ask to have the transport bolts removed? is that something that applies to all washer / dryers and is it not something they do standard? and it was also mentioned that they should use a real level, what is a real level?



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