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Fan On Top Of Outdoor Central Air Unit Sometimes Stops Working

11 years ago

I have an older GE outdoor central air compressor unit. I assume that it was installed when the home was built, around 1971. The fan on top of the unit sometimes stops working. I think it is the fan motor or a capacitor. Are these parts still available for sale and if so, are they hard to replace? The unit works perfectly at times but at other times the fan stops turning. The compressor seems to be OK since when the fan is turning I get cool air; however, when the fan stops turning I get air that is almost warm. I turn off the unit at the thermostat as soon as I notice that it's not cooling properly. The circuit breaker in the breaker box has never been tripped and I've never noticed an electrical burning odor. The outside temperature and the time of day don't seem to determine when the fan stops turning. It's more of a random occurrence. It can happen within minutes after the unit starts to operate or it can happen hours later after many on/off cycles. I don't see any dirt or obstructions on the cooling fins or any other areas of the unit. I sprayed WD-40 lubricant on the fan blade shaft today, where it enters the motor, and so far the fan continues to work. Could the solution be that simple?

Model # BTN936A100A0

Serial # 224362 709

Refrigerant 22, 09 LBS

Comp Mot 14.8 230V

Min Circuit Amp 20

Max Fuse 30 Amp

I suppose that it would be prudent to replace this AC unit, although the natural gas furnace in the basement (Whirlpool) that was also installed in 1971 continues to work flawlessly, although I'm sure it's not very energy efficient. What seems to be the most reliable outdoor central air unit for a single story home with appx. 1800-1900 square feet of living area? I live in northeast Ohio so a heat pump is not an option. I'm not looking for cheap but then again, I'm not looking for the most expensive model, because as we all know you get what you pay for.

Thank you for your time and any assistance provided.

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