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LG he top load WT5170 - Some More Questions on Its Operation

9 years ago

Hello All
I have read with interest the many questions and responses regarding the LG Waveforce 5170 top load washer. I recently purchased one and have some questions on its' operation that the customer support cannot fully answer. So...I was hoping someone here could.

1) I know that based on the new style of design that the hot water setting will not be as hot as it was on my old agitator style washer. I used the Bright Whites setting which has a heavy soil level and hot water setting, hoping this would work. At first, hot water did come into the washer, but only for a short time. THen cold water started and by the time the wash cycle started the water in the tub was quite cold - not warm at all. Is this normal operation? Is there another way to get hotter water without using the long sanitize cycle? (BTW - my hot water tank is very close to the washer so there is not really any delay in getting the hot water).

2) Alot of people say that on the extra high spin the clothes come out almost dry. I used the extra high spin on towels and they were surprisingly wet, almost more than in my agitator style. . Was this because it was towels as opposed to other type of laundry? Should they have been almost dry? Visually, the spin seemed to be quite fast/ Also, the load was not full if that makes any difference.

3)There seems to be alot of vibration on the spin cycle. The washer has been levelled carefully and rechecked a bunch of times and that all is OK. How much vibration is normal? It's not like various youtube videos I have seen, but it is at times more than I like. The load also appears to be balanced OK.

4) A minor thing - the time remaining indicated on the panel is almost always off by 10 to 30 minutes. I have monitored the time afew times, starting when the tub is full and the wash cycle begins, and it is always less than the actual time to do the load. I have really good water pressure in the house so it's not that the fill time for rinsing is being limited. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this.

Thanks to all for any replies.

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