Is my two stage compressor really using both stages

14 years ago

Just had a Lennox XP16 two stage heat pump and CBX32MV variable speed air handler installed along with a Lennox digital touch screen thermostat (dealer did not have good experience with the Signature thermostat).

My question is, how can I confirm that the compressor is indeed operating in two stages? I ask because the installer was not having a good day and had a few oversights during the process (for example, he forgot to install the condensation drain and he could not figure out the humidity settings on the thermostat). When I asked him if I could tell the difference between the Scroll compressor running in the low stage vs the high stage he said "no".

I can tell that the variable speed blower is doing it's job but I have no idea if the two stage compressor is doing it's job (i.e. set up correctly during installation). Does anyone have any ideas how I confirm the two stage compressor is set up correcty?

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