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I Finally Figured Out My Decorating Style - It's 'Sentimental'

11 years ago

Just musing...sorry if it seems I'm droning on. I've always had a hard time defining my personal decorating style to the 'official' styles - I always though of it as just kind of eclectic, because I've got a mix of traditional, casual, ethnic-influenced, antiques, etc. But, as I packed and unpacked the majority of my first floor items over the past week (had the flooring replaced on the first floor and had to clear all breakables, then had to put everything back once it was in) it hit me - my style is heavily influenced by sentiment! The things I really cherish are the ones that mean something to me or DH because of their history, so they get worked in whether they're the 'perfect match' or not.

For instance, I truly love my great grandmother's faded gold-rimmed china that she filled her suitcase with when she emigrated from Germany - the woman brought only one spare set of clothes so she could fit in her wedding china because she wasn't williing to leave it behind, even though she was only alowed one suitcase-worth of stuff to start a new life! So, even though many of the pieces look pretty shabby now and I could easily replace them with new perfect pieces, they all have a place of honor in my DR breakfront. Similarly, the large pen and ink drawing that DH's now-deceased father gave DH when he opend his first office is in a place of honor right over the LR FP - it doesn't match the style of the room, really, but it means something special to DH and so it will not be moved to make way for something else.

So, I've decided to coin 'Sentimental' as my official decorating style terminology. If anyone else tends to allow sentiment to be a deciding factor in design decisions, I'm happy to share the term. ;-) End of long ramble....

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