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Happy with my LG FL's Handwash cycle!

12 years ago

I've had my LG FL washing machine (WM2301) for about 3 months now and am generally very happy with the way it performs. But last weekend was the first time I used its Handwash/Wool cycle to wash all my sweaters before putting them away for the winter. I am very happy with the way this cycle works.

There is almost no tumbling, just gentle half tumbling motions and a lot of soaking time throughout the entire cycle, including the rinses. I was a bit weary about any machine's Handwash cycle after the experience with my prior FL - Duet Sport - it had a gentle handwash cycle but the gentle tumbling and soaking was only employed during the wash portion of the cycle, reverting to regular, rather violent, tumbling during the rinses which defeated the whole point of that cycle. LG's cycle is well thought out and performs nicely, with adequate water levels as long as you keep the load small (3-5 sweaters seemed to be the perfect load size). I also used Vaska to wash the sweaters (mostly 100% cashmere and 100% wool) and am very pleased with the results.

So kudos to LG for designing a proper Handwash/Wool cycle.

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