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Cookie recipe for cookie swap

9 years ago

I am hosting a holiday cookie swap. I have no idea what got into me, this is a very bad idea as cookies are my weakness. Well, one of them anyway.

So, each person makes 4 dozen and then you swap over drinks and snacks. I am trying to decide what to make. In the past I have made elaborate cut out shapes. I went to extraordinary lengths to make them perfect and then put them in baskets wrapped in cellophane and people thought I'd bought them. I'm never doing that again!

Do you have a favorite cookie that not everyone else will make (eg gingerbread, choc chip, sugar, teacakes)?

I was thinking french macaroons might be fun to make, and the colors are so pretty.

My other thought is a gourmet granola bar? Is that too weird?

Also, what would you serve with a sickening array of cookies? Crudites and fruit salad maybe? I will also have champagne and mulled cider.

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