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I'm going to apologize in advance.

10 years ago

Have you ever felt that you are hanging by a thread? I have felt that way for the last couple of months, though it's starting to get better now that I can see the end of this remodel. It's so hard for me to make decorating decisions when I'm normal, much less when I'm stressed, and in a couple of weeks, there are going to be a lot of decisions.

So I'm going to apologize to you now and beg your tolerance when I'm wringing my hands trying not to make the wrong decision. I know when I look at something if I like it or don't like it, but I have no idea how to achieve any of the looks that seem so effortless to so many here.

And added to the stress of living with the daily mess of construction is my mother-in-law who calls every day wanting one of us to come over. She can't open a jar, can I come open it and then eat lunch with her? She deleted a phone number, or a channel on the tv remote, needs a light bulb replaced, etc. So there's an hour out of my day, every day when I'm right in the middle of something, and I'm getting short tempered with dh because I can't get short tempered with her. I know she's lonely, and sometimes when she calls to ask us to come over, she says she hasn't talked to anyone all day and just needs to spend time with us.

I'm sorry. I'll try not to be too much of a pain in the rear. And since I cry easily these days, I'll tell you when my skin is thin.

Thank you.

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