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Update on Glass2 counters...WAY more expensive than first told!

13 years ago

We fell in love with the Glass2 counters in Ash White a couple of weeks ago. Thought we were FINALLY done with our counter search after many months. But we found out at the start of last week that the material cost WAY more than the first person told us. Originally we were told verbally that "it was just a bit more than granite"...we were okay with that. Then, when we called to actually get our quote for materials and fabrication, we found out that just the material was $160/ sq. ft!!!! Just the material!!!

SO, not sure about you, but that is not what we consider "just a bit more than granite"!!!! So, needless to say, we had to let go of our dream for the Ash White Glass2 counters and pick something else. Finalizing our choice today.

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