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Get rid of shaking / vibration on 2nd Floor Front Load Washer

13 years ago

I bought my Kenmore HE2T Washer and dryer set about three years ago because it had a nice suspension system in it that was supposed to be OK for 2nd floor laundry rooms. Well, it didn't work. This machine shook everything.

I did some research years ago on this site and someone recommended KE Shake Away Pads. They barely worked. It helped so i just lived with it assuming there was no better fix.

Recently, I came back this site to see if anyone else had any ideas. I ran into a post where they were talking about Silent Feet. WOW. These pads are amazing. 95% of all shaking and vibration is all gone. Get these. Don't just take my work. Read the reviews. I bought them on Best $40 I've spent


Here is a link that might be useful: Silent Feet website