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Amana A/C Air Handler installed is different than one on contract

15 years ago

I have just had a replacement A/C system installed in our home and, while they were installing it, noticed that the air handler had a different model number than what was listed on my signed formal contract. The condenser is an Amana ASX14 and the proposed air handler was an Amana AEPF1830...but they actually installed an air handler with a model number of MBE1200. When I asked about the difference (as they were getting ready to put it in the attic), the installers said it was the same and what was important was that it was variable speed...but they kind of looked at each other a bit strangely, as if I had figured something out that I wasn't supposed to have noticed.

Now, I just did a bit of research on the web to try to compare the two air handlers to see if I'm getting taken for a ride. It's difficult to find much info that's useful, but on I found a pretty significant price differential ($573 for the MBE1200 vs $891 for the AEPF1830). I'm wondering if anyone can help me answer three questions:

1. Is there a significant difference between the two air handlers (quality, performance, or otherwise)?

2. If there is a difference, should I ask for money back, demand that they give me the AEPF that I paid for, or ask for something else? (FYI, it was $6556 for a 2-ton condenser, air handler, 50-foot lineset, thermostat, installation, and removal of old system.)

3. Do you think I'm being taken advantage of here?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and advice.

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