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KAW...why I love soapstone ! Science at work..

10 years ago

We live in AL...great peanuts !! Our local farmer's market has shelled 5# bags for $7.25. I bought 10# and DH roasted them . 30 minutes at 325 degrees convection roast Miele oven. Then he placed them on the soapstone to cool. Boy did they snap and crackle :) The heat from peanuts to the colder at work ! DH then took them outside and rubbed the skins from the cool peanuts...compost for the garden...more science . I placed them 2c at a time in the Cuisinart and slowly ground them..ohh..the fragrance. I added about 1/4 tsp peanut oil..these are oily peanuts to begin with so don't need much. Added a pinch of salt and a drizzle of honey...YUM !! Now I am going to make my granola....


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