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Teeny update on my 20 inch crack

16 years ago

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry I didn't come back with the promised "black crack" photos. A couple things happened: My wireless internet thingamajig stopped working, and I felt too depressed in general to try to fix it so that I could log on again. But I pulled myself together this morning, and got it running again.

A dear and generous GW'er, aunttomichael, emailed me and offered to help me contack M Teixeira. I was overwhelmed by her kindness. I'm just drained at this point, and don't have the energy to battle anymore on my own (I know a lot of you can relate to that feeling!). Soooooo, I decided to live with the crack for a week, and think about what I want to do.

The black sharpie marker has done an amazing job of hiding it. Most of the time, I actually cannot find the crack without putting my nose down to the counter and searching. I doubt anyone else would ever see it. We don't have any lighting installed over the sink yet, so not sure what change that will make. But during the day, with the sun shining in, is when it is clearly visible, from one angle only. Happily, we can now see that it is not continuous. As you can see in the first photo, it has a break in it. (Goody: I have 2 cracks, rather than one!)

As far as looks go, I can live with this. As Fori said, if it had been original to my vintage kitchen, I would have found it charming. It is kind of odd when one is trying to install reproduction stuff to match the originals. Lots of my "new" cabinets are crooked and wonky (the maker wasn't very experienced with this style of cabinetry). I feel weird paying money for new stuff that is crooked, or wonky, or cracked. And yet, it matches! And I very much want the kitchen to look 80 years old.

But will the crack ever open? It is right over the dishwasher. I should at least have M Tex look at it so they can reassure me that it is stable (and I'll eat my hat if they actually say anything other than that it is stable and won't open. But luckily, my hat is made of beef jerky...)

I decided we should detach the dishwasher and pull it out so we could view the underside of the counter ourselves. And then I discovered that the removable toe kick the cabinet guy's helper was supposed to install is not removable. Helper Guy speaks little English. Instead of attaching it with clips, he nailed it down with 6 nails.

Excuse me while I scream.

I called cab guy. He said he'd come by to look at it. But he has been paid. So I don't expect him to return.

The upshot of all this is that we'll remove that toe kick ourselves, detach the dishwasher, and examine the underside. If we can't see the crack, we'll put this issue behind us. If we can, then I guess I would be a fool not to ask M. Tex to come and look at it.

Thank you again and again for all your advice, sympathy, and attention to my crack! I hope this issue will soon be resolved, and I can go back to laughing about what happens when a 3 year old discovers how much fun it is to zoom his hot wheels back and forth over the "wunnels" (as he calls them). How wonderful that all those teeny white pits are easily hidden with oil. Soapstone is magic!!



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