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a/c & gas furnace vs heat pump with gas backup

14 years ago

I have to replace a 2.5 ton a/c & gas furnace. Heating load done =23,228 & cooling load = 27,206. 1500 sq ft ranch with small room over attached garage. I live in SE VA with relatively mild winters & sometimes hot summers.

Gas for this month was 39.97 for 14 ccf and electric is 7.32¢/kWh jun-sep and 6.69¢/kWh oct-may.

I got estimate for 2 units:

York Affinity 3 ton a/c 15 seer, 80k btu 80% modulating gas furnace. Honeywell prog t-stat, lifetime warranty on compressor & 10 yr parts & labor. i believe he said it was a 2 speed a/c which I was told would help with short cycling. I wondered if this unit may be oversized, but I was told .5 ton is not that big a deal and the 2 speed would help with short cycling. Est. $6,942

York Latitude 2.5 ton a/c 14.5 seer, 80k btu 80% single speed gas furnace. same t-stat, 10 yr warranty on compressor, 5 yr parts, 1yr labor. Est. $5,437

Then I was told by someone i know that I should look into a dual fuel system-- heat pump with gas furnace back up.

I got an estimate from another company for Amer Stand 80k btu 80% 2stage variable speed gas furnace with 36,00 btu 14 seer heat pump condenser w prog t-stat & new tubing. Est. $7,231.83.

Also, est for 80k 95% 2 stage variable speed gas furnace with 36k 14 seer a/c condenser (is this supposed to be compressor?) with new tubing. Est. $8,110.99.

Now I don't know what to do. The 2nd estimate seems way too high, but I'm not sure what would be best for me.

Sorry about the long post, but any suggestions? Pros & cons?

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