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Ktichen (and more) layout - newbie would LOVE your comments

11 years ago

I appreciate any and all comments on the following. This is a long post but I tried to follow the instructions and answered the questions recommended. Sorry if it is overkill (I posted once before and was sad to receive only one comment - not sure if timing was bad, post was lost, or layout was hard to read. I cleaned up the layout so hope that helps - please comment!)

In general we are inspired by a Tuscan-styled, warm, open, welcoming kitchen. We are basically pushing back the kitchen into the existing eat in space, eliminating low hanging soffits and opening side wall into a new construction octagon/family room. The original family room �brick room" is a distinctive room with historical aged brick floor, barn wood, beams and wall of brick with 5-foot fireplace opening � we want to keep a traditional style using natural materials (no shiny stainless steel or glossy tile). The octagon room was added as the adjacent "day family" room to the kitchen, to extend the gathering and living space and to maintain the brick room as a movie/family room. The former dining room was the small side of an "L" with the living room, but the wall will be opened to flip those creating a large dining room to accommodate a table that can extend to 10-feet

� We wanted a large multifunctional dining area to include our family of 5 plus inevitable neighbors and family We have 3 pre-teen/teen children and easily 3-6 neighbor children on a regular basis It is a reality that people will gravitate to the kitchen and we would like to accommodate that.

� I am not a gourmet cook, we are a very busy, hectic household and quick and easy is more often the focus � although I hope my new kitchen will inspire me to cook more.

� We entertain regularly � informally for the neighborhood and children�s activities, as well as large extended family gatherings.

� Slightly concerned we do not have an eat-in-space in kitchen, but we are used to week day gathering around an island/countertop and would like to utilize the dining room as a family dinner and informal/formal dining room.

� We value flow and integration with adjacent areas � family room and dining room. The existing floor plan is constricted, closed off and limiting.

� Everything is pretty flexible � windows, doorways, up, down, eliminated (we eliminated a loved sliding door to well-used screened in porch when we needed a wall for the range � sacrifice of open floor plan). I do prefer a sink centered under a window. We are reducing a 9� bay window to approximately 6� flat window to fit along that wall and to be more appropriate to kitchen. The post on the corner of the island is required and unmovable.

� Appliances planned

o 48" duel fuel range with 1 � ovens and 6 burners with griddle � didn�t have space for "tall uglies" of wall ovens in the proposed open layout without distracting from the range backsplash, which we would like as a focal point. Have heard the grills although cook fabulous are too hot/noisy to be useful.

o 30" Advantium planed for under the counter in the island

o Kitchen aid D/W � was not interested in Bosch and love it!. Plan for 2nd dishwasher in dining room cabinet area.

o Planning for 42" built-in french door bottom freezer with panels. Custom cabinet hood to hide ventilation hood � no idea which one yet.

� Pantry: Currently the plans allows for a walk-in pantry and 1 24" full height pantry 16" deep. We are considering relocating the very small powder room to the currently planed walk-in pantry area (plumbing from former laundry already located there) If so, will utilize overflow pantry storage area in mudroom on other side of octagon room

We have selected cabinets with a cream perimeter with brown glaze, and the island in an ebony-stained cherry. There will be darker hardwoods throughout the first floor (other than brick room) to integrate old and new and promote integrated flow. A couple of points/questions/areas for comment:� Would love comments about the dining room cabinetry. I know it is a little unconventional, not exactly a butler�s pantry as it is open in the room but we hope to have a serving area for both the screened-in porch (utilized a lot in the summer down to the pool) and help promote use of the dining room by having the china cabinet-to table-to clean up and dishwasher back to china cabinet. Loving a 2nd dishwasher<div class='message-component message-body__image' key=a08216a604c18612><img class='img-responsive cursor-magnify' data-type=15 data-id=a08216a604c18612 data-imgid=a08216a604c18612 data-cm=8916 data-compid='body_content_img' src= width=500 height=410 alt='' loading=eager /></div>

� Debating the prep sink in the island. KD recommends it to break up the large island (�4x7 1/2 �) and to create another work zone. With the planned dining room cabinetry there will be a second sink not too far and husband does not feel 3 sinks are necessary � my concern is that its location seems a logical landing zone from range and or casual serving for the island seating.

� Because we are not planning for a prep sink in kitchen, considering a 33-35" low-divide sink as a compromise. I�ve read extensive posts about people loving single bowl and never going back, but the low divide seems to give the best of both worlds.

� Not sure of cabinet color for dining room. KD recommending a different painted finish for china cabinet area to look like furniture with the lower sections being a stained cherry to compliment the table. He does not recommend coordinating with the kitchen which I understand, but I am concerned about too many woods between 2 in kitchen, wood floor and current cherry furniture to be a far end of dining room and in adjacent living room.

� This question is extending beyond the kitchen but where the walk-in pantry is currently shown, we are considering taking some space from the den (that is now going to be too long and narrow) and relocating the powder room. The existing one isn�t shown but it is next to front door and is very tiny 4�x 4� and will be more remote with the shift of the living space. We would use the mudroom for overflow pantry and bulk storage � so will the one pantry cabinet be enough??:

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your comments and thoughts!! Sorry again this is so long.


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