Paid $2,300 for 4T evaporator coil?

8 years ago

I live in Houston and had a freon leak on a 13-year-old unit.

I was told that the evaporator coil has the 4lb R-22 leak and needs replaced.

On a weekend in Houston in the middle of summer with near 100 percent humidity, I called three techs to give a quote. They all priced it at $2,300 - $2,800. I went with the cheapest at $2,300.

With little information, I paid it. I then discovered it was a Goodman 4T horizontal slab coil that retailed for ~$400.

They also replaced some lines. It took them a half day to complete it but they admitted that they were taking long breaks because it was so hot -- that's fine.

Did I get ripped?

I caught them taking the old coil and putting it in their van. I stopped them and they said not to tell their boss because they're supposed to take my property. I told them to leave it with me.

Oh, they also fell through the ceiling and said they would pay it.

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