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How to lose 5 lbs. in 5 days... or at least LOOK like I did!?

13 years ago

Ack, just returned from 10 days in Italy and brought back a few extra pounds with me. I have a formal party to attend on Friday night and was planning to wear a dress that doesn't have a lot of 'forgiveness.' Not tight, but a bit clingy. I do plan to cut calories significantly, but also wondering about your experiences with Spanx and similar helpful undergarments! I need something with major suck-in power for my butt and saddlebags (which are always a problem, not just from all that pasta!). Any suggestions?? Also, excuse my stupidity, but if I'm wearing pantyhose and a Spanx-type deal, do I wear the Spanx under? over? Or maybe there are panty hose that have Spanx attributes? (Other than usual control top.)

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