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Design Around #12--1960s tract house.

11 years ago

For this design around, a 1960s tract or subdivision house was chosen. In 1960-1970 house size slowly increased, a kitchen open to the family room rather than just a small eating area became more common, but we weren't yet commonly seeing vaulted ceilings or very large kitchens.

This represents a fairly common house:

As does this:

With a plan something like this:

***Keep In Mind: Based upon regional differences, the Exterior Appearance of these houses will Vary Greatly. Some of these floor plans were offered in Each Subdivision with as many as Five Exteriors.***

This was the beginning of the disconnect between interior and exterior, as all the interiors were "soft contemporary" (although contemporary = soft modernism in this case).

All the actual kitchens would have been along these lines until toward 1970, I believe (when the "country kitchen" took over):

So, we are designing kitchens for a relatively modest house that is between 1700-2000 square feet, has room to expand the kitchen workspace within the existing footprint, and has 8 foot ceilings throughout. In many cases the kitchen faced the front. The exterior could be Modern, Colonial Revival, French, Mock Tudor, "Traditional", Spanish Revival or Ranch.

So, the exterior of the house can be selected for your design cues. I think the narratives are fun, but I think it would be informative to explain why you made the decisions you did as the Designer instead of just "Jack likes this and Jill likes that". People liking something is how some interiors end up a mess. I'd personally rather see an informed decision making process.

Refer to the link for further discussion and information on the development of the tract house.

Here is a link that might be useful: Other Tract House Examples.

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